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Our highly-qualified and experienced team can handle all kinds of pressure washing jobs.

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We have the latest and most updated pressure washing equipment and tools to clean any surface.


We make sure to provide you with affordable pressure washing services while upholding high-quality standards.

Who Are We?

A Renowned Power Pressure Washing Center

PE Power Washing is a leading name that provides high-quality commercial, residential, and all kinds of power washing services. Whether you are looking for pressure washing services for your roof, exteriors, parking lots, large vehicles, or any space, we are just a call away!

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  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Why Choose Us?

Our high-pressure washing services will clean and improve the appearance of your roof, exterior walls, parking lots and more with a power wash.

Expert Team

Our team is detail-oriented and well-trained to ensure that every cleaning project is completed to our client's complete satisfaction.

Quality Equipment
and Toxin-Free Supplies

We are using the proper equipment and supplies to complete the job while also protecting your surrounding property and environment.

Your Safety is Our First Priority

Done Right From Start to Finish


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is there a distinction between pressure washing and power washing?

    The terms "pressure wash" and "power wash" are interchangeable. In reality, these terms are used interchangeably to describe the process of cleaning surfaces with high-pressure water. We use hot and cold water pressure washers with a 3,000 PSI rating.

  • How frequently should most surfaces be power washed?

    An annual power wash should suffice for the majority of surfaces. The frequency of power washes may need to be increased depending on the materials used to create or build the surface as well as the current condition of the surface.

  • What is "soft washing" and how does it work?

    Soft washing entails using the right detergents, allowing for longer dwell times, and using low-pressure rinsing systems. Algae, mold, and mildew are killed by the detergents we use, allowing us to safely remove the "grime" from any surface.


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PE Power Washing offers a wide range of power pressure washing services in Florida.

Services We’re Offering


House Washing

Dirty exterior walls? No worries, we provide a powerful pressure washing service to clean the dirt and grime from your house's exteriors and fences surrounding it. We make sure to give you the very first positive impression when someone sees it.

Roof Washing

Our roof cleaning service extends the life of shingles and tiles by removing harmful moss, soot, grime, algae, and grit while restoring the color of the roof. With our power pressure washing service, we can help your roof look brand new.

Parking Lot Washing

If you have a parking Space or a deck that needs to be cleaned, you should order PE Power Washing today. We can pressure wash your garage and parking areas to remove oil stains, fuel, dust and mud that accumulate over time. Your Parking Lot will look brand new.

Commercial Area Washing

Regularly power washing a commercial building's outdoor areas maintains its value and can keep it looking clean and inviting for your patrons. With our power pressure cleaning services, we clean your business's area to keep it looking good and make it more appealing to customers.

Large Truck Washing

We provide large truck power washing services to ensure that your vehicle stands out. With our special power washing services, we can make your truck last longer by getting rid of harmful things like grease, rust, chemicals used to melt ice, and other pollutants.

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